Monique Dykstra


Scott Lally

Dear Monique: This letter is well overdue and I apologize for its tardiness. I would like to formally thank you for all your efforts to find me a home. Although I am in a sales and service profession, I recognize that I am not easily satisfied as a customer because of the high expectations I set in my pursuit of a purchase. This becomes even more exaggerated when you are talking about a home and the escalated value of investment. While I am particular with the product purchase, the most critical component of the sale is how you are treated by the salesperson. You are an excellent salesperson and I commend you on the service you provided me. After we met at the open house, your willingness to help me find a home coupled with your tenacity to secure me, as a "buyer" never wavered; yet it was not overbearing. Your abilities to manipulate the MLS computer saved countless hours of research and allowed us to focus on the right houses in the right price range. I was impresesed with the way you determined what attributes of a house were important to me and made sure those items were available in the homes we viewed. Above all else, and most important to me, you are very communicative and were in constant contact with me. You kept me informed and were easy to access when I had questions or was looking for direction. Once again, I am sorry for the delay in sending this letter. It is hard to imagine it has already been one month since I moved in, but I have been busy getting the place squared away. I have a lot done, but there's a ways to go. You are always welcome, so stop by and check it out.